"Pro" Print Frog® Glass Baren

"Pro" Print Frog® Glass Baren

*01/23/2019-In StockThe "Pro" Print Frog® is an innovative tool for printing without a press.  Its smooth mostly flat bottom, natural weight, and comfortable handle mean you do not need to use much pressure when printing.  We've taught children as young as three yrs. old to successfully pull a print with our glass baren.  It's easy to use and quick to clean up.  The Print Frog is a versatile tool that can print all types of relief, intaglio, intaglio printmaking with glass, chine-collé, wood grain, cross-sections of a tree, warped and damaged blocks.  The Print Frog allows for printing large and small relief prints without a press. It also causes less hand and shoulder fatigue and has made it possible for Matt to continue to hand print.  Our glass baren tool is the invention, creation and design of master printmaker, Matt Bagley of Iron Frog Press. The "Pro" Print Frog is handmade by our glass shop in Dallas, TX.**Please NEVER use our glass barens to grind paint pigment or any other material. Our products are for printmaking, folding paper, weighing down the paper, etc.
  • Details

    Weight approx. 2 lbs.

    Size approx. 4" D x 2.25" D x 3.75" H 

    Radius edge 1/2"

    Box Size 4" x 4" x 4"


    ✪ High-performance glass baren

    ✪ Resists all ink, chemicals, and solvents

    ✪ Easy to clean

    ✪ An ergonomic handle

    ✪ Works on a variety of substrate

    ✪ Safe for encaustic



The Print Frog® Glass Baren™ is a registered and trademark of Iron Frog Press.